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WordPress Hosting, Support & Maintenance

  • Experienced Webmasters specializing in WordPress
  • A single point of contact for accessible communication
  • Committed to customer service and a quick turnaround time
  • Secure cloud website hosting provided by Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and AWS.

Starting at $99 per month for informational and dynamic websites. $199 for eCommerce websites (includes Woocommerce commercial plugins and Cartflows ).

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Custom solution for any business


24/7 Support

We got your back.


WordPress Maintenance

Maintenance, Monitoring and Quick Fixes

Experienced Webmasters Specializing in WordPress

Our Webmasters and Developers are focused on WordPress management and WordPress Maintenance. They work with WordPress-based websites every day and this is one of the key advantages to choosing our Webmaster Service.

Full Backup System for Easy & Fast Data Retrieval

We will create a backup of your website once a month, which can drastically reduce the time it takes us to set-up a new website for you if you’re ever experiencing issues.

Recurring Upgrades to Security & Plugins

Maintaining an up-to-date WordPress installation is key to avoiding hackers and viruses to get to your website. While on our Webmaster Service, we will routinely perform security updates to make sure all plugins and core files are up-to-date in order to minimize your risk of a hacker attack.

Call or E-mail Your Changes to your Dedicated Contact

Simply e-mail or call in with your changes, and we will make sure that they get implemented. You can have your secretary, accountant, intern or sales person send the latest news about your company or updated promotions.

Get Started with our WordPress Maintenance Webmaster Service Today

at (805) 453-9085 to learn more about our Webmaster Service

Monthly Cost of $99

Our Webmaster Plan is on an automatic the recurring billing schedule

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