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Santa Barbara Web Design & Marketing Services

This page briefly describes our services, for more information about our services please contact us for a free consultation or request a quote.

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Santa Barbara Web Design & Web Development

When you’re looking for a website design, you want something that turns heads- and keeps them turned. When Phi Web Studio creates the layout for your custom WordPress site, we work with you to create a product that not only visually pops but also is easy to use. Your clients will be able to navigate your dynamic website without having to think twice. On top of that, we work with flash, so we can throw in some goodies like flash intros or banner ads that can make your first impression that much more, well, impressionable. And our keyword analysis makes your site “search engine friendly”, so it’s just as easy for your audience to find you as it is to browse all of your content. Phi Web Studio can also take your pre-existing site, maybe one that’s gone a little stale, and give it a virtual makeover from the bottom up. Re-designing your website every 2-3 years keeps you and your business looking fresh.

Equally as important as design, is content. And keeping that content up to date is crucial to inviting a healthy flow of web traffic to your site. We want to update your material to be a breeze, which is just one of the many reasons why Phi Web Studio builds over a WordPress platform. With WordPress, we develop using a content management system- basically, a web-based software that allows the user (you) to have full control over all of the content on your site. That means keeping your website up to date is a no-brainer. Your web content can be renewed consistently, and you can spend more time doing what you love!

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Basically, improving the way potential clients can find your website when searching online for your professional niche. People use search engines every day in order to find a wide spectrum of products and services. You want your website to not only be a part of those search results but also ranked high enough to be at the top. You want a higher ranking so you can get more customers. You want SEO.

What Phi Web Studio is here to do, is take control of the SEO for your website, and make your online presence easily reached. There are many basic practices that can be implemented to begin this process, but what really pays off is the longevity of those practices. Search engine rankings improve slowly over time. We can help employ, and teach you how to maintain, beneficial SEO methods so that your website becomes the website in search engine results.


Marketing for free on a site that pulls in over 800 million users…if ever there was anything in business to be called a “cakewalk,” this is surely it. Having a Facebook fan page is a given for revving up your social media marketing. Phi Web Studio helps you create a fan page that looks professional, and reaches out to all of your Facebook connections. Think of it as networking, from the comfort of your living room.

Once you’ve got your page set up, you’re going to want to add interactive applications that will keep people interested and engaged. We create custom Facebook Apps that help you streamline your client management- informing all of your Facebook “fans” about every exciting new addition to your evolving business. Using Facebook is a simple, effective method of reaching out to your audience. We can show you how.

Providing Santa Barbara Businesses with Web Design Services for the last 4 years.
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