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In today’s online environments and markets, how you present your business online directly translates to how much influence you have on the market. It’s a numbers game. Your bottom-of-the-funnel conversions are a representation of the market share you’ll appeal to.

Therefore, your website should be audience-designed by providing an appealing user experience. After all, according to the eCommerce Foundation, about 88 percent of potential customers will research the desired product online before making the purchase.

This behavior necessitates a professionally-designed, content-rich website for your business. Additionally, the numbers show that most people will spend time on a beautiful and optimized website, especially when purchasing is the end goal.

Here are a few ways a well-designed, gung-ho website will positively impact your business.

First impressions count

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. However, why is this first encounter so crucial? We make split-second decisions about most things in life, from relationships to where you’ll spend your year-end bonus.

Your potential customers don’t know the kind of quality you offer or how good your track record is in the industry. They’ll make their opinions given how well or how badly you present yourself online. Capturing these web surfers is a function of how appealing your site is, how responsive it is to changes made, and how fast it reloads or refreshes.

An unappealing or old-school website gives off a negative vibe. After all, if you don’t care how your website shows off your business, how sure am I that my interests are taken care of vis-à-vis the competitor? Keeping the attention of the masses towards your undertakings results in positive lead conversions.

It markets your brand

To say many brands are marketing your preferred service is an understatement. There are a host of competitors constantly working to gain the trust of potential customers. Professional and trendy websites promote this trust. If you can’t be bothered to improve your website design, what makes the average consumer think your services will be any better?

Regardless of time zones, nationality, or race, all of us know certain brands. We know shoes with ticks are a representative of Nike, and smartphones with the partially consumed apple represent Apple products. A well-done web design is the first step towards brand awareness.

You’ll need to make sure the font, style, outline, and image designs on every web page are consistent and build towards this ambition. A website that’s all over the place tells the customer, the client doesn’t know who they are and who their target audience is. Brand recognition is the initial step to building a world-conquering business.

It affects your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy

Numerous web design principles, elements, and practices are at play in your typical website. When the market share is the name of the game, how many people the search engine pulls toward your product(s) is the metric by which success, mediocrity, or failure is measured.

You can’t afford to fall short when it comes to SEO strategies. You’ll be fighting a losing battle right from the start. We’re not necessarily talking about your website’s content here. How you put across your ideas, and your website’s fundamental elements affect SEO right from the get-go.

To put it simply, you’ll need to study how SEO works and the required elements to keep your business above water. You will need a web design agency like Phi Web Studio to keep your business ahead of the curve. Being on the first page of Google or Bing shows your worth.

It shows what your customer service is about

By nature, people are very intuitive. How well you’ve designed your product’s websites is a marker of how much you value your customer(s) and their opinion(s). if your website looks like it didn’t have a lot of thought put into it, your customer will be skeptical about the level of attention, effort, and service you’re willing to accord them.

They say your website is a marketing tool. This is true. However, your website is also a signifier of the customer service your clients will potentially have to go through. Clients will have a more positive outlook towards your business model if your website is bright, inviting, and modern. It shows you’re an active service provider and are open to customer input.

An old and outdated website shows just how aloof and detached you are from your business. With so many competitors out there, showing how much you don’t care about your clients’ perceptions is probably not the best look.

Boosts conversion rates

Did you know that smartphones have an over 64 percent higher conversion rate than desktops, according to socPub? However, before we even analyze the numbers, what’s a conversion rate? It is the portion of website visitors that complete the desired objective (conversion) out of the total visitors.

This metric generally shows that a higher conversion rate equals a successful web design and marketing strategy. It shows people want what you’re offering, and your product is easy to get.

The reason why the smartphone conversion rate is higher than in desktops is that people are almost always looking at their phones. Therefore, if your web design is mobile-friendly, it means you have access to a massive audience. You can drive your online traffic to promotions, special offers, and certain calls to action that will put your business on the map.

Cuts on bounce rates

Why are we reducing the bounce rate on your website? It’s because the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who abandon your site after viewing only one page. A fast and well-designed website will ensure users interact with your business and the services advertised for longer, thereby cutting down on the bounce rate.

It’s simple logic. If users spend more time on your website, this means that they’re more likely to open associated pages, go to your blog, learn a lot about your business, and assess your products with a view of making a purchase.


Thusly, it’s not a stretch alluding that the success of your business is dependent on your business’s website’s web design. However, we can’t all be web designers and computer scientists. Phi Web Studio and ServicePop is a group that has the expertise, professionals, and drive to help your company, firm, or business discover new heights.

In addition to assisting you with your web design hurdles, we’ll help you improve on your SEO strategies, WordPress development, and hosting and carry out support and maintenance whenever you may need it. Help us help you by reaching out to us today to learn more about what we do.