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Photo by Nicole Nelson
Photo by Nicole Nelson

Using the right quality image in your website matters. The average time someone will spend on a webpage is just under a minute. This means that on every webpage you have less than a minute to explain a concept to a prospective client.

You have to make your words count. Reading takes time. And in today’s age of instant satisfaction, your average prospect probably doesn’t want to read a novel about your product or service.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s what they say isn’t it.
Well it’s a cliché for a reason – because it’s true.

A quality image speaks volumes about what you do, and it only takes a split second for someone to comprehend. There is no way to be more succinct and to the point than just showing the client what you do. In this sense, a quality image can be just as important as well written content.

I said a quality image. The photographs on your website are what your prospective clients will remember you for. Make it count- having a camera on your smart phone, does not make you a photographer. Do yourself a favor and work with a professional.

A professional photographer much like a web designer specialize in what they do, just like you. So when you’re looking to put images on the virtual flag of your business, you need to do the same thing: go to a specialist. A professional photographer knows all there is to know about how to present a subject in an artful, affecting way. That is their specialty. They understand lighting, composition, post processing, propping, styling, and everything else that makes up a powerful photograph.

So, when your clients come to your website, they see your unique vision, translated in an instant through artistic, well crafted images and supported through earnest, succinct text.

I can guarantee that when you use professional photographs on your website you will see the difference – and your clients will too.

Photo by Nicole Nelson Photography.