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Twitter for business, Santa BarbaraTwitter. Let’s talk about it.

I’m sure you hear about Twitter all the time. That’s because about 9 people register a twitter account every second.

When you think of the term “Social Media”, it is undoubtable that Twitter comes to mind. It’s undeniably a mainstay in popular culture.

Is your business a part of that culture?

If your business isn’t utilizing Twitter, you are taking opportunity and vigorously throwing it out the window. Why? Think of it this way, hundreds of millions of people are already excited to be part of the Twitter community. So for you, Twitter is a free and easy way to reach out to literally hundreds of millions of potential clients.

The best part about Twitter, is that not only are tons of people already plugged in, but many of those people are also using Twitter throughout the day. If someone has a smart phone, then they also have the ability to tweet and read tweets at any moment- and yes, they will. Sure, this can lead to superfluous posts revolving around topics such as the caliber of a recently consumed burrito, or any kind of cat related humor. But Twitter doesn’t just need to be used as a tool for wallowing in tedious minutiae. If used in the right way, Twitter has a lot to offer business owners.

Think of Twitter as a miniature blog. Each tweet is a concise 160 character blog post that holds a compact power of it’s own. Everyone is busy these days, and not everyone has time to read an in depth blog post – but anyone can take 5 seconds to read a tweet.

And, to emphasize again, they will.

This means that a message sent via tweet is going to effectively register with your followers. Imagine the power of being able to instantly alert loyal clientele about a flash sale, a new product, or a giveaway contest!

You can think of a Tweet as an online “elevator pitch.” You’ve got a couple sentences to gain the interest and attention of potential clients. A successful tweet can bring past clients back into your activity sphere and perk the virtual “ears” of new prospects.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free, easy, fun, effective…there’s no downside. Happy tweeting!